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Essential Oils Supplier | Wholesale to the Public | Aromatherapy

Please forward a copy of your deposit slip, so that we may proceed with your order. Please phone (044) 877-0372 for your order disposition as well as to receive your SA Postal Tracking Numbers.

Huge range of pure top-quality aromatherapy and massage oils now available wholesale to the public in South Africa. Buy Essential Oils from this simple to use uncomplicated online shop.

Largest selection and always in Stock.

WHOLESALE PRICES to the public, shipped direct to your postal address. No minimum. 

Genuine discount shipping: FLAT RATE POSTAGE of only R35.00 per parcel, regardless of order!

Genuine prices, no additional unexpected VAT. Only FULL BOTTLES - Example: I fill standard bottles to over 11ml not a scant 10ml as some others do. That’s a big 10% difference!  

Extra QUICK & SIMPLE Check-out.  No passwords, NO CREDIT CARD required, no waiting. Step by Step Newbie Instructions HERE

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all items purchased online. Please read terms for more info.

No compromises on quality, all oils have certificates of analysis.

I sell only premium quality essential oils from ethical producers sourced from around the globe. First and foremost, I support local growers and producers. Essential oils not available locally are sourced from further afield. I am proud to report that I purchase almost all of my imported essential oils from The Essential Oil University in the United States. We make no compromises on quality. We never accept any oils from any country without a certificate of analysis guaranteeing the purity of each oil. All essential oil products such as my Natural Flea Control products are of my own devising and are produced in-house.

As I have always sourced essential oils for use in my own products -it only makes sense that I have searched out only oils of the highest quality and purity. It is these very same oils that I offer to you for purchase.

I like to know what I’m buying, don’t you?

My intention is to make sure you are aware of exactly what the contents are of every bottle from Umuthi Botanicals, whether essential oil, carrier oil, gum, resin, absolute dilution or CO2 extraction, the country of origin, portion of plant used and method of extraction.  If it is a blend or a dilution, I tell you with what it has been diluted and to what percentage. All of this is information you have a right to know, don’t you agree? 

My further intentions are to provide the highest quality, the largest variety and very competitive prices for my essential oils. If ever you can’t find a particular oil on my website with the excellent SEARCH function available top right corner on each page, please contact me and I will see if I can source it for you, that is if I don’t already have some available in my own personal collection. 

Ease of online purchasing and check-out -a top priority.

When it comes to purchasing online, I charge a flat rate of R28.00 for postage and packing regardless of how much you order, (or how little for that matter…) and !!! the price is the price!!! I don’t annoyingly add an extra 14% VAT on at the very end like so many websites! I also don’t leave my bottle partially empty so that I can make my prices seem better. Remember to compare volumes. When the price is for 10ml you’re getting less than a full bottle, unfortunately this is often the case with essential oils. I fill my bottles 11+ml not scant 10ml, that makes a big 10% difference and reduces oxidation as there is far less air-space in the bottle!

Payment options are EFT (Bank Transfer) or Deposit Cash into my account at any Post Office. Parcels are sent via tracked parcel service of the South African postal system. See “Terms and Conditions”.

My Credo: Honesty + Quality + Price = Your Trust

I hope for the opportunity to earn your trust.

“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” George William Curtis

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